Monday, November 03, 2008

New Favorite Store

This weekend, Fiancé and I trekked out to Georgetown. Originally we had planned a date night with movies and a nice dinner. Instead, we caught up with one of our Groomsmen/Ushers on Capitol Hill for a late lunch, and then popped over to Georgetown to visit The Paper Source which was on the original agenda.

I love this store. Seriously. Love. They have rows and rows of colored stationary, rows and rows of wrapping paper - solid colors and patterns. We ended up talking to a girl who I told my plan to. She helped us pick out some A9 size white paper, Midnight A9 sized envelopes, and gave us a envelope lining kit for the envelope liners. Their staff was incredibly helpful and the selection of paper supplies? Amazing.

We picked up some Green wrapping paper for the envelope lining. The only things we didn't get there were the magnets, the ribbon (the stuff they had was too thick for what we wanted), and the double stick tape. All in all? We spent about $50 there, another $30 at AC Moore yesterday for the magnets and ribbon, and then $60 on printer ink because we were pretty much out. But that'll be not just for the Save the Dates, but also for the invitations.

I'm pretty excited to get started on this. We decided to make 50 save the dates - we're not sending them to anyone who we're still on the fence about inviting, or to anyone who's local (is that a faux pas?) so I'm hoping to have them done by the end of November, then we can sit on them for a month, and send them out after the holidays.

Fiancé initially didn't understand why I wanted something so elaborate when in the past he'd just gotten just a magnet or just a card. I told him well, most magnets I saw were about $100 for 50 magnets and that may or may not include envelopes. I wanted to do something...a bit more...pretty. Not that magnets, photo magnets or otherwise, aren't pretty by themselves but I don't know, I have a pretty decent attention to detail when it comes to this stuff.

So we spent about $80 on supplies (not including printer ink) which is still significantly less than the $130 say we'd likely end up spending on just the magnet save the dates if we had ordered them off the internets. There was probably a cheaper way to do it, but this for me, was the best option.

Additionally, this weekend my FMIL sent me "The DIY Bride" a book she had received from a friend of hers who had a daughter who recently got hitched. I've only had the opportunity to briefly skim through it but I'm pretty excited as it has a bunch of great ideas and I need to start researching how I want to make my invitations. So I think that'll be a good starting point.

Stay tuned for more pictures as I transform myself into Martha Stewart...queen of DIY!

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