Friday, January 30, 2009

It Works!

(photo credit: milopeng)
I have found a foolproof way to lose weight before one's wedding. Or to lose weight at all, in fact. And it is ashtanga yoga. (The above pose is not one I can do, by the way.)

I'd been doing yoga in a halfhearted manner for about two years and then my fiance, who does an ashtanga self-practice, dared me to start. Being the kind of girl who takes dares, I accepted.

Ashtanga self-practice, also called Mysore self-practice, consists of a series of yoga poses that you memorize and do at your own pace. A teacher will correct you or help you if you need them to, but otherwise you're basically on your own.

(photo credit madame.furie)

The first day I tried it, in early December, I was so sore afterwards I could hardly walk. Now it's much easier, although I do make lots of mistakes and am generally sad and pathetic at it.

But here's the thing. I bought a couple nice pairs of pants in November that fit me perfectly. I wore them this week and they were so big I had to keep hitching them up all night! They were literally falling off my butt. I lost two inches! And I'm not really even dieting very much.

So I do recommend ashtanga yoga. I do it three or four times a week for about an hour. Plus you find yourself getting much stronger and it makes your skin softer, somehow. There's an ashtanga yoga center in NW DC, but there are a number of studios in the area that teach this style of yoga.

Beware, though: you will leave the studio in a very blissed out state and you'll be super relaxed for the rest of the day!


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