Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Red Carpet, Less Princess

So before I picked my dress, before I even got engaged, probably before I even knew Mr. CP, I picked my hair style. I know it sounds silly, but if you know me at all, this would not surprise you one bit. I am slightly hair-obsessed. Of course I tortured myself with thousands of other options, but I came back to the one I originally fell in love with. See, I have tight curls, that I have straightened since I was about 10. So it's not quite curly and not quite straight and super thin, plus it has never grown past my shoulders. This is my hair in its natural state. Am I not so cute? (My family finds it hilarious, that I was non stop chatting, as in these pictures, even at 3)

So I have always known I need amazing hair. In fact, to me, my hair has been a large part of my wedding planning. I pretty much planned the venue around not having to go outdoors in case of humidity. Sounds crazy, I'm sure, but not to a curly haired lady! My sister-in-law had an amazing hair stylist at her wedding. It is the only time I have seen every bridesmaid happy with their hair, including me. Here is me and Mr. CP at my brothers wedding, although the hair is a little hard to see. (Her name is Giselle Zlotnitsky and she is amazing. Her website is http://www.hairbygiselle.com/) I literally booked her the day we set our wedding date, and good thing I did! She has gotten 2 other calls for my same day! She is not the cheapest, but she is the best!

She used something called a hair pad to fill the low bun. I have thin, short hair. These "pads" gave my bun some fullness.


I was considering getting extensions. I have always wanted them, and what better time to get them? Plus Mr. CP LOVES long hair, which I don't have, and probably never will, and I want him to gasp at me as I walk down the isle. I was thinking something like this. (Yes, this is Jessica Simpson's wedding hair. Everyone loves this, including me)


Or this, which is super flirty and cute....


I love the idea of extensions. I have never been able to get my hair long and would be so excited to have it long. On the other hand, would I look like myself? I want to look like myself, at least a little.
So, I went back to my original idea. I am in LOVE with this hair style. In the end it will cost the same as extensions because I still need a lot of extra hair, and padding, but I think it will be worth it. I think I am actually more excited about this, then I am about any other part of my look. This is the hair, and I told Giselle, "More red Carpet, Less Princess." I think I am maybe obsessed with it. I had my trial (camera-less and extension-less) and will have another. It should look exactly like this. What do you think? (remember my dress, its a whole "look")


Is there anything in particular, you obsessed over? How did you pick your bridal hair?

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