Saturday, January 10, 2009

Miss Mitchellville aka NearlyWed Slacker is Making a Comback!

Hello Ladies,

I know, I know who the heck are you! Well if you check the archives you'll find this DC NearlyWed behaving like a newly engaged woman and posting regularly back in June/July of 2008. But as it sometimes goes, I just became really burned out and by August I did not want to see anything wedding related. Here's a re-cap; I became engaged Christmas 2007 and hit the ground running attending bridal shows, tastings, trunk shows, you name it if it had anything to do with a wedding I was there. Then came the Summer and I was like the grumpy dwarf of brides! I don't know how it happened it came over me like a funk and I was just over it! (Not head down to the justice of the peace over it, just I can't look at another flower over it!) I think it was a combination of things; Doc & I set our date for October 2009 so we had plenty of time, almost two years to plan and make everything just the way we wanted it. We selected a venue (Newton White Mansion), caterer, and I had even ordered the invitations only three months into being engagement (what can I say, I'm a planner) and then my older sister got engaged (February) and dropped her wedding like the house from the Wizard of Oz right in the middle of my planning frenzy! So what do I do; I push my planning aside and help my sister pull together her special day (She was determined to be married first!). By August (her wedding was in August) I was completely over it; and the bridal bug was officially gone.

So here we are in 2009 and I'm back; mainly because The Knot.com dropped a "Nine Months to Go!" bomb on me that would cause anyone to panic; this thing is three pages long in an 8 font! There are so many boxes to check, I think I'm getting whelmed! Breath... Okay so all I really wanted to say is I apologize for being such a "C" student okay "D" student but I will do better; I have tons to do and therefore tons to blog about. First up for discussion, I've narrowed my search for "the dress" to two! They both feel like "the one", non-traditional enough for my taste, yet elegant however, they are so extremely different from one another. One is daytime/garden & the other evening/ball, we are having both (afternoon garden ceremony w/a evening formal reception) hence my dilemma. BTW, does anyone else have a problem with 6 women standing around gawking & "judging" you as you get naked to try on wedding gowns? This is why I brought family and friends with me, they've seen my goodies! I don't know if I'll ever be comfortable with a random woman (although very nice) holding my boobs up because I failed to bring the right bra then vice gripping me into a sample six sizes off!

Gas for driving around to shop for a bridal Gown $50.00
Cell phone w/camera to sneak photos of yourself in
"the one" $ 79.99
Standing in front of the entire bridal department cold & naked
while waiting for your bridal consultant to prep a gown for you
to dive into $ PRICELESS

Check out my top two...