Friday, January 30, 2009

My something blue...is ME!

Ladies....I'm blue. With less than 4 months on the clock, and still so much to do, I feel like I have hit a wall. This week was a tough one. I spent all day Wednesday going back and forth with Mom CP, FMIL CP and Mr. CP on a rehearsal dinner guest list. I should say, we did an original list about 5 months ago, so to spend an entire day doing it all over was painful. I mean, I know its important, but can someone else deal with it? I mean, I am doing EVERYTHING else, and if not, can we please just make decisions? We are, by the way, inviting 70 people....to the rehearsal dinner! That's half the wedding! Siiiigh
I know all the moms think its helpful to not make decisions and are trying to make it easy and be exactly what I want, but seriously, I need help. What I don't need is 5 emails on which blue is best for my napkins.
Between the rehearsal dinner, the napkins, the brunch, the wedding classes were taking, the songs that have not been picked yet, only argued about and to top it off, were moving this weekend, I'm just OVER IT. I'm ready to elope. I still have so much to do and am totally unmotivated.
Anyone have any advice? I know it will be a wonderful day, its just 115 days before it that I worry are not so wonderful.

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Blogger Jess said...

I'm so sorry! My wedding is a little less than 100 days away and I went through the same thing about a month ago - what I had to do was take a few days to completely step away from the wedding. I know it's nearly impossible to do but I needed some time to refocus and get excited again. I took those days to spend some time with my fiancé and remember why we were doing all of this. If it's at all possible I highly recommend it.
The other thing I've done is given family members some assignments - both my mother and my fmil have wanted to help but they are both several states away. I completely handed the rehearsal dinner off to my fmil - I told her that since they were being so generous I wanted them to do what they wished. My mother has been given the assignment of tracking down items for welcome bags. Neither of these has kept them too busy but they feel included which has made some other areas easier.
I hope this is at least mildly helpful and I wish I had a great solution. Overall allow yourself to be sad for a bit, it's okay, and in all of the moving and wedding insanity don't forget to take care of yourself - you deserve it.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009 2:38:00 PM  

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