Sunday, February 22, 2009

Conference for the Engaged

What a weekend! Yesterday from 8am-4pm Sig. Keswick and I were in Vienna for the Arlington Diocese's Conference for the Engaged. As part of our Pre-Cana preparation, we are supposed to attend a conference such as this or meet one-on-one with a married couple for several times in addition to meeting with our priest. We chose this option as it was easiest to schedule between my work and his school projects, etc. Honestly, it was a very positive experience! We were curious and a little anxious on the drive in the wee hours of the morning but we enjoyed it (or at least most of it). It helped us learn more and understand the Catholic church's perspective on the sanctity of marriage and really reminded me how spiritually significant and important of an undertaking we will be making in less than six months - and I liked that. Sometimes you get caught up having the perfect wedding (however you define it) and it was a nice reminder how the marriage will last long after the cake, the flowers, the favors, even the photographs and memories.

We also sat a table with 3 other couples and they were really great to get to know. One couple even goes to the same church as us AND the bride's Filipino, so I felt an automatic connection from her from the beginning - especially since I feel like I know nothing about Filipino weddings but am dying to learn more but don't know where to look. The other two couples were also really nice and all 3 brides and I exchanged contact info so we can hopefully get together to talk about our experiences, good and bad. Especially with all my far flung bridesmaids, I really hope it will help me stay motivated and excited to be able to share the excitement and frustrations with someone else that's going through the same thing and that can empathize. (Although one of my girlfriends from school just got engaged this weekend and I am more than elated for her and her fiance *eeek* so crazy to say that! And I can't wait to share all my knowledge with her so that she doesn't experience the same confusion or stress that I did, or at least help her avoid doing so.)

Even if you're not Catholic or religious, I strongly encourage everyone to undergo some kind of marital preparation. There are so many *important* things to know/learn/ remember after the honeymoon phase that will help a marriage last, like communication and sacrifice, that we often forget in this fast-paced life.

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Blogger preppydoc said...

I am glad that you addressed this issue, because as someone who is totally new to this whole wedding planning world, it was important to learn more about the pre-marital counseling. We are catholic and for our priest it is mandatory that we go through this, but I am not sure how all of this will work out because we are thinking about going to a church that is not our home parish...

I am glad that it is helping out because many people just brush over it and don't take it seriously, I too think that it is important because there is so much that you don't think about!!

Monday, February 23, 2009 9:50:00 PM  
Blogger Miss Keswick said...

It was very helpful for us to attend and I'm sure we'll find it more helpful in the future as we go along. We're getting married in Keswick but live in Arlington and so we'll be meeting with a priest here to go over the pre-marital requirements and then be wed by a Deacon who's a close family friend in another church near our reception location. Basically, our priest will tell their priest and our Deacon that we did everything that we needed to do and neither of us have been married before, etc. etc. Good luck!

Sunday, March 01, 2009 7:15:00 PM  
Blogger Alexandra said...

It's nice to hear someone say they realized that after the entire wedding is over, you are now joined to someone in marriage. I think a lot of people forget that when they get caught up in wedding planning. If you need some help finding good vendors, try Weddzilla.com, they have a huge selection of ceremony officiants among other vendors, so you can find the perfect one for your wedding.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009 9:49:00 PM  

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