Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Now I guess I actually have to make the Save the Dates...

So remember a while back when I shared the two mock-ups I had created for our Save the Dates? Well I really liked the second design, but I was not impressed with my MS Paint skillz in creating the little heart logo. So I went to a pro.

This is one of my few splurges for the wedding, getting a REAL LIVE designer to make a special logo for my Save the Dates. I started my search for a designer in the first place any frugal gal goes when she's on the hunt for something: Good Ol' Craigslist. He rarely fails me.

I quickly found Rori Bean Designs based over in Alexandria. I was blown away from the website and the prices seemed very reasonable. I wrote Ali at Rori Bean a very nice e-mail about what I needed and if the job was too small I understood.

Let me just say that Ali was awesome. Over the last week, I've described my ideas about our wedding and our invitations, shared some photos of my "inspiration" for the look of our reception and looked over designs Ali came up with. Ali was great to work with and I was amazed with what she put together and how quickly too. I only wish I had the budget to have our whole invitation suite designed!

So here is what we ended up with at the end of the process-

and, bonus!

The best part about these, and what I could never have done myself, is that the images have that pro polish AND they can be re-sized (bigger and smaller) without pixelation. The latter aspect alone was worth getting this done. Now I can use these image in multiple and different sized wedding projects, from teeny envelope seals to the front page of our program without compromising the image quality! Yay! Ali also gave the files in different format: a .jpg for "everyday use," as well as a .png file so I can lay the logo over other things without getting the "white box" effect around the image.

So I bet you can guess whats on my Google calendar for this weekend, yup, design those Save the Dates! I can't wait!

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