Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Thinking about flowers

I found a great florist. Thank you to Craigslist, I was looking for a DJ, and stumbled upon affordable flowers and since well, I'm still looking for a florist to do the bouquets at the very least, I found one who may be able to do it all. Like. All of it - centerpieces, the works. For less than $1,000.

I didn't even know that was possible!

So I had to send her some of my inspiration - in her initial estimate she included orchids which, while a very pretty flower...isn't really my style. I'm going for preppy and simple. Orchids kind of scream to me - asian fusion, no offense if that's your style but it's not really mine.

What am I looking for?

via With this ring

All images via With This Ring (that centerpiece directly above was DIY - incredible!!)

I'm still undecided about the centerpieces - it could save us a lot of money, and I'm definitely not ruling out the prospect of DIY. I don't want roses. I don't want expensive flowers - I adore mums, daisies, belles of Ireland, and hydrangeas. Hopefully I'll be able to meet with her this week to get everything finalized - one more thing off the list! Four months from next week!

What are you doing for flowers? DIY or florist?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

we're doing a combo of DIY & florist. one thing all florists i've talked with have offered is they'll not only sell us the wholesale flowers to DIY but we can also go into the shop and use their tables, shears, and (the best part) their coolers! then we can just have the coordinator pick them up on wedding day! i recommend asking about this since that was really my only concern about DIY, where would we keep all the flowers cold?!
and that last arrangement can be done with stock which is not only awesomely fragrant but cheap cheap cheap! can't wait to see your final products

Tuesday, May 05, 2009 11:31:00 AM  

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