Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Introducing Miss Fairfax


Hi there ladies. I'll try to be brief with the introduction because I'm excited to get on to the wedding chit chat.

How we met: at work. I was seeing someone else at the time but I remember the day I was introduced to the new temp and felt the most incredible magnetism. I actually turned back to look at him as I walked away because I was so startled. Later I learned he felt the same thing but it would be eight more months before we started dating. I think it was better that way, we got to become really good friends until I was single again, when he finally told me he'd had feelings for me for a really long time. We had such a connection even then that I knew our relationship was going to be serious. By the end of the year we moved in together, and then a little over a year after that, we were engaged.

How he asked: well, we had The Talk shortly after my sister's wedding - all the hubbub and romance got us both thinking about our own relationship and we realized we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together - but we decided to wait a bit to make it official. He knew I wanted a ring from sustainable sources so we shopped for the ring together, and ended up finding one on BrilliantEarth.com, where the diamonds are from Canada (supposed to be more "eco-friendly" mining, as well as fair labor practices, etc.) and the precious metals are all recycled. So ok yes, the proposal wasn't exactly a shock! But it was still wonderful, we'd packed a lunch and walked out to Teddy Roosevelt Island on a crisp day in early February, and as I sat down on a bench along the marsh walk, he handed me the lunch bag so I could get our sandwiches - and the ring was in the bag! He got down on one knee and said some very sweet things and of course I said yes.

Where we are in the planning: venue booked, caterer booked, dress bought, tux bought. Sounds like we've got a lot out of the way but don't worry, there's still plenty to talk about! Also I'll be sharing some of the things I've learned about vendor searches - I found a ton of great venues, I'm happy to share my research for those of you who are still looking. Photo is of the venue we chose - Old Town Hall, in downtown Fairfax. (source)

About our wedding: we're on a small budget, let me just get that out there now. Like, small. Well, it seems like a Ton of money to us, way more than what we'd ever dream of spending on basically a party, but in the grand scheme of DC area weddings.. So we're trying to keep the guest list to 75, the decor simple, the party low-key. But it's gonna be a lot of fun. That's maybe my one requirement (haha yeah right One requirement). I want the groom and I to have fun on our wedding day! Mr. Fairfax and I are doing the planning ourselves, with a lot of DIY elements (or "DIT," a la A Practical Wedding), but we hope to hire a day-of coordinator to handle the details when the time comes.

So that should do it for the intro, I'll be back soon to post about DC area venues we looked at, our caterer and how we chose them, and, well, everything else. :)


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