Saturday, August 29, 2009

35 Days

I have 35 days left until I officially become a Mrs.


Well, as I prepare for what will undoubtedly be an incredibly busy month, I am hoping that my semi-slacker-attitude leading up to this month doesn't come back to bite me in the ....

Leading up to the wedding, at least in the last few months, I have done--not as much as I thought I would have. It was like having wedding senioritis. I just, didn't want to anything anymore. DC has been hot a sweaty and that has not been the most motivating thing for me these last few weeks. I hit a few snags along the way. First, one of my bridesmaids received her dress and it was two sizes too big. It wasn't too disastrous---what was awful was dealing with the Jim Hjelm customer service people and the bridal salon that I purchased the dresses from. To be fair, the salon did offer to do the alterations for nearly half of what they would have cost to have them done elsewhere--it was just a pain to have to play phone tag with the manufacturer, the bridal salon, and my bridesmaid. In the end, all was resolved, but it made for a very un-fun few days in July.

I did receive the necklaces that I ordered from Sianlw on etsy for my bridesmaids. She custom-made me pieces with the colors and necklace lengths that I wanted. I am so incredibly pleased with how they turned out and I cannot wait to add it to their bag of bridesmaid goodies which so far consists of ..... well, these necklaces. I can't figure out what else to get them as presents :-/

I also got my headband for my wedding. So excited about this amazing piece from JustLiv! She made it from the extra fabric that was cut off of my wedding dress when it was getting altered.

So I have 35 days to figure out all the last minute details---like getting a license, seating charts, and calling all the non-RSVPers to figure out if I will come in under my wedding budget:-P

Wish me luck and I hope your wedding plans are going well!

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