Friday, January 08, 2010

Happy Friday!

It's been a good first week back at work after the holidays. Well, mainly because it was only a 3-day week for me haha, I was out from last Thursday till this Wednesday, on vacation in Maine. But in this first week I've got a lot done:
  • basically fixed the whole wedding band problem (just have to send back the ones that didn't work, the new ones have been ordered)
  • signed us up for dance lessons! We're going with Dance Factory near Virginia Square metro. We're living on the edge and just doing the basic course and then we'll probably just wing it for the first dance - guess we'd better pick a song you can do an easy waltz to! Anyone going all out for a big choreographed number?
  • signed us up for a wine-making session! next Thursday. I will be sure to report back on that whole experience, I'm really excited about it.
  • may have found a hair stylist. Anyone heard of Hair by Diane? She's based in Alexandria and does wedding hair on site in the metro area. Her prices seem pretty reasonable - $190 for the bride (includes 2 trials), and $65 for the bridesmaids. Hopefully her hair styling is not as outdated as her website haha, looks right out of the 90s.. (will have to do a post soon to chat about possible hairstyles - anyone have any good sites for browsing updos?)
  • just today my bridesmaids all received their dresses in the mail from Miss Brache! I'm so excited to hear how they turned out. Maybeee I can get them to bring the dresses along when they come to town for the shower/bachelorette later this month??

One bad thing this week was discovering what WeddingWire has done to their guest list management system on their website. UGH. Maybe it's really an improvement and I'm just not used to it yet but it was really giving me a headache yesterday. Is anyone tracking their guestlist on WeddingWire? I am using it to accept online RSVPs so I've gotta figure this out.

This weekend we are hopefully finallyyyy booking our rehearsal dinner venue, and then we're meeting with our DJ to talk ceremony & reception music/logistics.. But tonight, Mr. Fairfax and I are just going to be on the couch, with some sparkling wine and a movie. weee Friday!

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