Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do You Already Have the April 2010 Issue of BRIDES?!

If not... Here's what you are missing!!!!


It wouldn’t be a wedding without… The editors of BRIDES talked to wedding consultants and recently married couples all over the U.S. to find out about their personal wedding-day traditions (p 262)

Our experts share tricks and tips on how to camouflage skin woes on your big day, from pimples to distracting tattoos (p 104)

License to Frill – These frilly frocks are ultrafeminine and becoming. Check out 14 pages of beautiful gowns (p 232)

How can you save $1,000 on your reception music? iPod your wedding! From track suggestions to troubleshooting – BRIDES makes it easy (p 118)

For brides thinking about a beach wedding – we have some tips and great ideas to make sure it’s a success (p 130)

Wedding gifts are exciting – but not if there’s nowhere to put them! BRIDES has a few suggestions for merging and purging while keeping everyone happy (p 150)

America Ferrera stars in the new film Our Family Wedding – which tackles issues many couples face when bringing their families together – check out the BRIDES interview with America (p 158)

PLUS, 25 new ideas for table names (p 312)

For these stories and more, pick up the latest issue of BRIDES, at your local newsstands.
Available Now!

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