Friday, February 26, 2010

Mr & Miss Fairfax: Licensed to Wed

On the way back from the courthouse this afternoon, Mr. Fairfax said, "We are licensed to wed," in a sort of James Bond voice, and I knew I had a great blog post title! haha.
SO yeah we've got our marriage license!! I'M SO FRICKIN EXCITED. Sorry for the all-caps but we are 22 days away and it's all getting very real and awesome!!
If anyone's curious about marriage license deets for Virginia, here's a few points:
  • license is $30, best paid in cash because they charge a 4% service charge for a credit card payment;
  • both parties must be present, with photo ID;
  • you can go to any courthouse in any VA county for a marriage license that is valid for a wedding anywhere in Virginia;
  • license is valid for 60 days;
  • if you go to the courthouse in Arlington (I'm guessing most courthouses in VA and elsewhere, not sure though), do not try to bring your cell phone or cameras or any other kind of recording device! We walked there from our apartment (a couple miles, in the incredibly blustery winds - yay car free lifestyle! *note extreme sarcasm*), so of course we had all this stuff on us (I was kinda hoping to document the whole process for the blog, so blame them for my one pic taken at home!), so we had to go across to the Detention Facility where they have little storage lockers you can use for 25 cents (or 50 cents, or 75 cents, depending on how much space you need). Not that big a deal but if you drive there, leave that stuff in the car!
The security guard was really nice, it was awesome when he said, "You two going to the 6th floor?" and pointed us in the direction of the elevators. I guess when you see young couples coming in with grins on their faces, you kinda know where they're headed. :)

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