Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wish Upon A Wedding- National Awareness Week

March 1, 2010 marked the first day of the National Awareness Week for Wish Upon A Wedding.

Wish Upon A Wedding was founded in January of 2010 in San Francisco by a group of wedding and business entreprenuers.

The purpose of Wish Upon a Wedding is to produce weddings and civil union ceremonies at destinations across the USA for terminally ill individuals, regardless of sexual orientation. With twenty chapters across the nation, we are ready to begin making dreams come true.

To qualify for Wishes, applicants must be unmarried legal citizens of the United States, over the age of 18, who have been diagnosed with less than three years to live.

Simply apply online to request one of three wedding types: URGENT (Up to 10 guests, in hospital or at bedside); BOUTIQUE (up to 25 guests, in home town of applicant); ROMANTIC (Up to 50 guests, at any WUW destination)

Wish Granters needed in all locations. Please apply online today to start helping us make Wedding Wishes come true.



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