Friday, April 02, 2010

who knew

who knew that the most difficult decision with this wedding would be over the silliest thing?

mr. uva and i have been bickering over ties for months now. i found the cutest floral option from fieldguided on etsy but mr.uva wants a more "substantial" feeling tie. so we went the commercial route and picked up ties from both j crew and brooks brothers - no go. he wants a floral tie and can't find one.

no joke...this has been going on for months and months.

two nights ago was my limit. i told my fine fiance that i didn't want to hear anything else about ties. i was all "tied-out". no more. pick a tie. i was at the point where i didn't care if the boys even wore ties.

but he followed through and ordered this lovely liberty print

tie crafters in new york will be making my mr. uva and his groomsmen matching ties and bowties out of this pretty pink floral.


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