Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Art of the Hand-Written Invitation

Back in the days too far back for most of us to remember, invitations to formal events were written (and respond to) by hand. The host would pain-stakingly write every line in their finest hand, using a calligraphy style that would leave most of us baffled with trying to decipher in these modern times.

Today, letterpress and most often, theremography, has taken the place of handwriting invitations to most events -- even the most formal. We even have computer software that will print the envelopes on us. The weird thing is, though, that most of the fonts chosen for wedding stationery are designed and use fonts that give the impression of the handwritten note.

The calligraphy Lady The Calligraphy Lady will do more than give that impression. She will actually handwrite invitations and other parts of your wedding stationery in an amazing calligraphy, to include handpainting a rose or flower of your desire on them.

Hand calligraphy for invitations and envelopes creates a beautiful first impression for your wedding or special event. Calligrapher and Artist, Dayna Bischof, offers exquisite calligraphy for her clients. She has created her own unique alphabets and flourishes.

She also offers beautiful hand lettered monograms for your personalized wedding invitations, thank you cards, napkins, envelope seals, favors and more. A two letter monogram is created from the first initials of the bride and groom's names. The handcraft monograms which have an engraved look or in beautiful cursive script for a softer appeal.

If you purchase a wedding invitation set from her, she will even create your wedding place, escort and table cards. Each card is written in beautiful hand lettering, create "Best Wishes" signs for the bride and groom -- she'll even address the invitation envelopes!

Here is an example of her wonderful work:
CL Examples


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