Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Well, the first two weeks of law school are almost over and I've done nothing but read and study and study and read and read and read (aside from basic life sustaining activities) ever since. But I did do one thing last night... I went to a "tasting" with my hubby-to-be at the Arlington Hilton to determine whether or not the food will be up to par for my NY Italian family (Read: very very picky about food.) The food was actually very good. Most surprising was future hubby falling in love with a spinach-stuffed chicken entree, considering he hates chicken and spinach! But here is my dilemna.... We are set on offering beef (filet mignon, most likely) and I did intend to offer chicken, but must we offer fish as well? What do you ladies think??

Where is everyone anyway? I know summer is almost over but... there is planning to be done! Noses to the grindstone girls! :)


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