Thursday, April 26, 2007

Group Discounted Air Travel

My last pre-exams project was to nail down accomodations. I have negotiated my way to some great hotel block rates (due to the fact that we have such a large number of out of town guests), and now I've set my sites on airfare.

However, I distinctly remembered reading on a friend of a friend's wedding website, that select airlines had offered percentaged discounts for her guests travel. And you know me, always looking for that darn bargain!

So I started the search with the usual suspects like groople.com, sidestep.com, and travel buddy, but most of these type of sites wanted my guests to leave from the same destination, same time, same place. Cookie cutter travel.

Instead, I decided to contact the major airlines directly, and here are the results:

AirCanada: 10%
American Airlines : 5% - and they give you really cool inserts for your invites
Continental Airlines: 2-15% (varies with price of ticket)
United: Cookie Cutter
USAir: Cookie Cutter
Delta: Currently cookie cutter, but apparently about to change their program later this summer.

One tip, when calling the airlines to ask for rates, or to book agreements, ask for their meeting or convention group discounts. Apparently, they have different strokes for different folks....


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