Sunday, October 14, 2007

Clifton Inn The Tour Continues

Following on from my last post on my venue. If you keep on walking straight as you enter the front door you will walk onto the covered veranda. This was the room that sold me...I don't think you could find a more perfect space for one long table. The tables will be pushed together with openings so that people can get up to go to the restroom and the servers can serve people.

I like that all the chairs, linens, and china were all included in the price of the rental. They told me we could rent different chairs, linens, and china if I wanted but I love these chairs! I also know I'd have to pay out the nose to have something as cool as these if I were to rent them myself. And since I hadn't picked any wedding colors or themes when I first saw pictures of the place I decided to work with what my venue already had instead of coming up with colors that didn't work with my venue. White linens fit perfectly with my green/white colors and the sea glass colored china will also be complementary although I do have a choice to go with all white china as well.

Lesson learned: Save money by picking a venue that fits your theme/colors or build your theme/colors around your venue so that you don't spend a ton of money renting fuchsia linens and silver chairs to try to "transform" your venue.

^The view of the veranda from the far right. The veranda will seat about 60 people.

^View of the veranda from the far left.

^Connected to the veranda is another dining room which we will use for the extra 25 guests. They will be at one long table in this room. The room connects to the veranda in an L shape.

^Fiance and I will sit right where you see that man sitting so that we can see all our guests sitting down the one long table on the veranda and all our guests at one long table in the dining room.
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Blogger Andrea said...

I love your colors! We are doing Green as well but not in the way of sea colors and more along the lines of Bamboo/Asian. Did you have any luck finding your bridal party dresses?

Monday, October 15, 2007 5:30:00 AM  

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