Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wedding Invitations...

I don't know what made me all of a sudden become obsessed with invitations. In fact its the one thing on my list that I have down towards the bottom, I mean I do have over 11 months to go! Somehow though, today I found myself searching site after site, looking at countless invitations.
I don't know what got into me! However, I did stumble across an invitation that I love. My fiance politely reminded me that we don't need to be worried about this yet, and I am likely to change my mind, but considering our Spanish/Cuban theme, I thought the following invitations were PERFECT and I had to share them with you :)

The collection is by KenzieKate which I recommend checking out anyways

The pattern is entitled Seville:

^ I just love love LOVE the look, it just emits a Spanish vibe...I feel that this will end up being our pattern, but we will see :)


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