Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pink is Powerful..

Pink IS powerful, and I think its great that the woman on this sight are promoting this wonderful month. Breast cancer is something that many people have been affected by , and I think its great that we are all working together to try and find the cure. Below I have listed some beauty products, that can not only help makes us more beautiful for our big day, but support the research and hopefully finding the cure for breast cancer.

----Essie, one of my favorite nail polish suppliers has come out with a shade for this month, entiteld Pink is Powerful. Thirty percent of the proceeds from polish sales will go to the Libby Ross Foundation.

---- Buy Pink Ribbon Hand Relief and $4 goes towards The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

---- This Pomegranate Sugar Scrub not only feels and smells great, but by purchasing it you can do something great, 20% of the proceeds go to American Breast Cancer Research.

^ Estee Lauder has a whole collection I reccomend checking out, everything purchased in this collection goes towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


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