Sunday, November 04, 2007

My First Big Worry

Since it's officially one year from our wedding day this month, I've finally delved further into my "Bride's Year Ahead: Ultimate month-by-month planner" than the supplement book with clear, tabbed envelopes where I've housed my inspirational clippings. I labeled each one with reception; flowers; paper; fashion; misc. and receipts. I'd be lying if I didn't say that this has been, by far, the handiest resource, especially while trying to convey my overall design ideas to vendors.

But, on to the actual book. As I started to read through it, I began to ...feel the pressure. Month 11 is when I should be looking for an officiant and a band/dj. I'm going to break this down into two parts:


I come from a devout Catholic family. Mr. Shirlington comes from a non-denominational, deeply religious family. Therefore, we'll be having two ceremonies. It took us months to even come to a decision on that.

The problem is, we just moved to this area and haven't even found a church to which we would like to belong. On top of that, I work Sunday to Thursday, which means we have to go on Saturdays. Ideally, we would find one, become members and get married there. Mr. Shirlington is fine with attending Catholic church.

Our reception venue, which I still haven't revealed yet, has a beautiful outdoor area which we initially thought we wanted to use. However, the back-up indoor ceremony plan is fine, it's just not that walk down the aisle I have always imagined. I am so SO worried that the weather will be bad on our big day that I would rather just get married in a church, even if it's inconvenient for my guests and more expensive, because it's what I would prefer to begin with.

That leads us to our second ceremony. Mr. Shirlington's father is a man of deep Christian faith and has just begun the process of becoming ordained. Mr. Shirlington and I plan to ask him to officiate a second non-denominational ceremony in our venue's amazing outdoor area. If it rains, that's fine, we had a beautiful church ceremony and are okay with the second one being less formal and taking place in the cocktail room of our reception venue.

So the problem: The Bride's One Year Ahead says it's time too book my officiant. And I'm literally freaking out because I feel like I have to make a decision NOW for an officiant AND the church I will join. And so it is. Everyone else 11 months out from my date is starting to book, so that means I might not even have a chance at getting the person/church that suits us best at this point! My first freak-out has begun.

More on the DJ to come....


Blogger Andrea said...

I completely can identify with you!!!

I don't have a book that's guiding me but rather that checklist that's on TheKnot.com that automatically brings up each item as it's due. For the longest time it was a huge source of my stress - especially since once we started planning the wedding I was technically behind since we started LESS THAN A YEAR before we even wanted to get married. Our intention was to marry but we just didn't get in gear to plan and book things until maybe 8-9 months out. CRAZY!!!

I learned that it's not so big of a deal to not get things done per the recommendations of the checklists though. A lot of places I've gone to haven't required the huge amount of time that is suggested by the lists. We have less than six months now until our day but strangely it's all coming together despite us not keeping to the list.

Monday, November 05, 2007 1:38:00 PM  

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