Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hair it is (Part one)

[I tried to post pictures with this but for whatever reason it didn't work. Click on the embedded links to see illustrations of what I'm talking about please!]

I really want to whack my hair off into a smart little chin-length bob. (I go through this every year about this time.) Normally it's not an issue and I can do it if I want to but this time around it's just nothing something that can so easily happen since keeping my hair long will give me a lot more options as to what to do with it come time for me to get all dolled up in my big dress and veil.

I have some challenges with making decisions about how I'm going to be wearing my hair:

  • I am wearing two different dresses for the wedding and one (sort of) requires that I wear a headpiece that looks really terribly with anything but hair up
  • One of my dresses is strapless and the other completely comes up to my neck and covers my shoulders.
  • In the last few years I've developed kind of an odd hairline. It's like a widow's peak that's off center/crooked.
  • I really don't want to wear a headpiece in the way of a tiara or crown. The only thing other than the required headpiece for the second outfit that I will be wearing on my head is my pouffy veil.
I've actually looked at quite a few wedding magazines in hopes to find some inspiration but even in magazines chock full of hair ideas, I've found nothing. Mostly I keep going back to some ideas that I've seen of celebrity weddings online. My favorite that I've seen so far is actually what Avril Lavigne did for her wedding last year.

There's nothing too fancy that she did and she is wearing a strapless dress too so perhaps it could work for me as well? No matter her "punk" past, I think she cleaned up beautifully and I really like how she chose to do her hair.

And then there are others like Carmen Electra and Jessica Simpson - nevermind the fact that both ended up getting divorced, I still think they looked pretty.

I'm still not sold on any one particular style but I definitely like these so far. This, of course, could change once I try on my dress/veil again and realize how much better I might look with my hair all up instead.

To be continued...


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