Monday, November 12, 2007

Veil..mantilla..that thing I wear on my head...

So I guess I am a Naive bride, I really didn't think for two seconds about a veil. In my budget I had to allot money towards it, not seeing it as highly important I did not allot that much money. However, I realized the importance of the veil when I went dress shopping, then again when I was having my hair done and talking about possible wedding hair styles with my stylist at home ( unfortunately she is located in upstate NY so I won't be able to have her do my hair, but we were just discussing options). With the dress AND hair the type of veil I was choosing was important.

While trying on dresses they had me try on a Chapel length veil, I liked it, but not sure if it's what I want. I had thought for awhile of wearing my moms mantilla, but she still hasn't found it, and doesn't think the coloring would work with my dress. My sister-in-law has offered me her veil, but once again not sure if it would complement my dress ( since I'm still not 100% on the dress either that could be a problem:) )

However, today trying to make myself work on a holiday, while half the office is empty, I found myself dwelling on the fact that I really do want to wear a mantilla. I know it would make my abuela so happy, and I feel I would like to incorporate my families heritage into an aspect of the wedding, with that in mind I found this website---www.veilshop.com

This website appeals to me, because it has different styles/colors of mantillas and at a reasonable price, but they also have other traditional veils out there for other brides that might be interested!

^ This is a fancier mantilla, but I love the design

^ A plainer Chapel Length Mantilla ; I could dress this up with a Mantilla comb and perhaps a blusher on the front for the service!


Blogger Andrea said...

Mantilla veils are so pretty. :) I am trying to incorporate my family's heritage into my wedding as well and we are doing something of an East meets West wedding weekend.

Monday, November 12, 2007 8:03:00 PM  

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