Sunday, December 16, 2007

Aisle style the baby bump way

Yesterday I found my The Dress for my Big Day the second time around!!! Definitely it was weird having to even do this again and in the state that I am in - that being becoming even more pregnant every single day. But David's Bridal really completely outdid themselves but making this process as memorable and painless as possible.

Yvonne is the store manager of the Waldorf store and she was absolutely answered prayers! I considered going to the Bowie store but after a rather unsavory conversation with a sales consultant about my situation with my dress, I was dreading going there. My parents live down in Southern Maryland though so my mother suggested that we meet halfway in Waldorf and use that location instead. I called them to schedule an appointment and happened to be speaking to Yvonnne and she agreed to meet with me personally and COMPLETELY took care of all of the nagging details that have come with my predicament - from the rules about the exchange policy to the challenge of downplaying my ever burgeoning baby bump!!!

I will be wearing THIS DRESS. (Look at the alternate view specifically because the train is beautiful!) I started out trying Empire waist style but found that they actually made me look bigger than I am and accentuate my belly more. They actually made me look "very pregnant" even now while I'm only 14 weeks along! I don't have a link to the dress that did this because it's a new Spring style that they don't have online but it completely threw me for a loop as I was pretty certain that I could only wear something Empire waisted. The dress I ended up getting is something that not only helps create the waist that I'm fast losing but the style of it helps me too look like I have a lovely hour-glass shape despite the fact that I'm losing it to the baby!!!

I got all new accessories including a pearl comb and new veil that is fingertip length instead of cathedral like I had previously. My new dress and look is something I never would have picked for myself but Yvonne absolutely knew what she was doing when she helped me to put it together. She even had a strap-on baby bump for me to try to see how the whole get-up would look when I'm further along!!! Of course, it ended up making me look like I was 8-9 months instead of the 5 months that I will be but my mom and I had a great time laughing and giggling about the whole situation.

I feel good about the wedding and I love this dress as much as the last one - surprising since I expected to only be able to wear a dress that made me look SUPER pregnant! This dress does anything but that and doesn't place any emphasis on my belly at all though it still allows it to not be completely hidden. The cut of the dress (A-line) and the way that the overall design of it is with the side ruching and split-front create a serious optical illusion for my figure. The beading on the top also helps to draw the eye up and away from the lower portion of my body. I feel like a real bride in what I ended up with! I love it!!!

In case you are in the same situation as I am, here are some of the things that were done to help make it possible to not have to wear a maternity gown:
  • My dress is a size 12 to accomodate my belly that will be altered to my shape. My original size is a 4/6. I tried on a size 10 in the store and it's already on the way to being "snug." For this reason we went up a size to plan for the pound per week that I'm expected to gain.
  • I will not be wearing a full merrywidow and rather a strapless bra that I have purchased in one cup size higher (Wow! I can't believe that) to accomodate my changing shape.
  • I will be wearing a petticoat slip as planned that comes up to my bra but it will be in a size 12 as well (I think) to leave room for my belly.
  • I am getting fitted three weeks from my wedding date instead of the usual four. Yvonne helped to make this accomodation the dress as it is today is definitely too big but come time for me to wear it, my body will change enough and in ways that I won't be able to wear the dress as-is. For this reason they are going to try and shape the dress to my body as much as they can.
  • DO NOT limit yourself to thinking that you can only wear a certain style. The dress I got is far from being designed for maternity wear but is designed to help accentuate and camouflage "problem areas" that everyday girls feel self conscious about. A dress that does this as far more workable than one that is outright maternity!

I love that I don't have to wear a maternity wedding dress! I hope this helps you (if you're in a similar situation as I am) to find a wedding dress too!!!


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