Friday, January 25, 2008

Ad*dress* the issue...

In a twist of fate, my dress didn't work out. There are a million details that I could go through and let myself get teary-eyed, so I'm not going to. What I will say though, was that the only good part of the whole situation was how accommodating TLC Bridal was...and understanding. I will remind you that I had ordered my dress and it had arrived when this twist of fate took place.

So the following weekend, a dear friend took me on a dress marathon. The point wasn't to buy something that day (I'm totally still mourning the loss of my old dress). The point was to make room in my mind for something else. And she was a gem for making me do it. I tried on some amazing dresses at White Swan Bridal in Vienna. The concept of the store is great. They have every dress on a mannequin so you can get an idea of how it fits, how the fabric lays, the details, etc. before you even try it on. You are free to walk around, point out the ones you like, and the attendants bring them in to you. I must have tried on 12 or so dresses. There were no photos allowed, so here are the dresses I tried on. I can’t find my favorite one anywhere…so I snuck a photo. Don’t tell! The first one is a Pattis Bridal, the second is Val Stefani Couture and the third is Casablanca.

Today I’m going to Ellie’s Bridal in Alexandria to try on Jim Hjelm dresses. Though they are out of my price range, I figure I’ll never have another reason to try them on for no reason. And there’s also part of me that wonders if I look out of this world, my dad would offer to buy it for me! Jim Hjelm has always been my favorite designer.

In other issues, my grandparents are really urging me to ditch my whole wedding plan in DC and have it on the beach at their house in Destin, Florida. It would cost half what my wedding is going to be here. They’re obviously not young and it’s going to be hard for them to travel here. I never thought myself a beach bride..but Grandma did mention floating candles in the pool…and I love that. Who knows…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to Ellie's on my dress hunt (for the same reason...I love Jim Hjelm). It was an interesting experience. I got absolutely no help even though I made an appointment, but honestly it didn't bother me...sometimes I like being left alone to go through all the dresses and try them on without an overbearing salesperson. If you like a lot of personal attention, this might be a drawback, though.

THe only bummer...at the time I didn't see many Jim Hjelm dresses. There were some other nice dresses though.

One warning...be careful in the dressing rooms!! The one I was in had all these little pins on the floor and I stuck my toe on one and it started to bleed! I was like "great I have to try on all these white dresses with a bloody toe..."

As far as Florida vs. D.C....at this point I think I'm for any wedding option that costs half the price. But I guess you have to consider what would be the easiest for you and the rest of your guests.

Friday, January 25, 2008 12:59:00 PM  

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