Tuesday, January 22, 2008

E-SVP is awesome!!!

For the sake of efficiency and timeliness, our guests are "RSVP-ing" online instead of the traditional way by mail. This with why this is entitled "E"SVP instead! E is like for email!

To be technical, they aren't responding with email but rather with an online system created by the company that hosts our wedding website called WeddingTracker.com. When I began wedding planning I knew that I wanted to have a wedding website for the sheer purpose of convenience that was possible for communication between myself and any of the guests. I was a little hesitant to pay the $65/year that they promote for their package deal of having a self-selected domain and all but then I found it via the knot shop on TheKnot.com for around $39.95 with a special coupon code (that's ALWAYS there so look for it and hook yourself up!!!) and I thought that that was much more reasonable and went with it.

I have extensive experience in web design and graphic design and could have designed a site from scratch for us but WeddingTracker actually has some pretty cool templates that you can be customized in a number of ways that it seemed like a waste of my time to do any of it from scratch. And I'm so glad that it worked out this way because had I designed my own site, I probably wouldn't have had this option for the guests.

Perhaps this option isn't ideal for all people for the sake of tradition or people who are still not yet internet savvy but it's a nice alternative method to provide people who don't do "snail mail" anymore. You just go to the wedding website, have people log in with their last names and zip codes and they can just "point and click" with their reply and even choose their menu selection if you are having that option! It can save on stamps and also time as it also allows you to itemize and print lists of people who have responded or not.

Whatever the case, it's something to consider. Technology can truly be a wonderful thing when it can actually help you to work SMARTER and not harder!


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