Thursday, January 24, 2008

A whole lot of nothing

Perhaps I should get my hand slapped for doing little to no wedding planning stuff tonight - especially after the wonderful Mrs. Nearlywed and her mister showed up last night to bail me and the husband2be out of a pretty significant disaster - but... I'm sorry. I just gotta take a break. At least tonight.

As of today we are 16 days from the wedding. There are a number of things that remain on my to-do list and a bunch of things that I could go ahead and finish up (for the most part) right now:
  • Prepare and package the guest favors
  • Work on the programs for the ceremony
  • Figure out the seating chart and table numbers/names
  • Find pictures of make-up examples for the hair and make-up team (per their request)
  • Make appointments/reservations for the manicures and pedicures for the bridal party before the ceremony
  • Find some sexy maternity lingerie (what an oxymoron!) for the honeymoon night
Obviously, especially with regard to the last one - I'm really in no state to really get anything accomplished other than eating a huge bowl of Black Cherry ice cream, eating three slices of pepperoni pizza, and chugging a glass of Concord grape juice - all things I have already done but could no doubt repeat if I'm so inclined since I AM eating and drinking for two, right?

Anyway... yeah. It's almost 9PM now and that's almost my bedtime. Technically it's my bath before bed time so I should probably be getting to that.

Hmmmm... maybe I'll drink a cup of mint chocolate hot cocoa. Mmmmmmmm :-p

*being a pregnant bride is AWESOME if only for the fact that I HAVE to gain weight (as ordered by my doctor) rather than make sure that it stays off to be able to fit into my dress* ROCK ON!!!


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