Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Are you on The List? For my wedding invitations, that is!

Last night I prepared the invitations to be mailed. *please don't even mention the fact that I should have done this at least three weeks ago!* So they're stamped and sealed and ready to be delivered. The only bad thing about them is that I couldn't find a decent pen to use other than one of the free ones that end up laying around the house. And I couldn't find my "collection" of nice Sharpie markers. So what did I use? How about one of the "Super Tips" Washable Crayola markers set that I have in my art cabinet for coloring pictograms. *sigh*

Since we've moved all of my good art materials are everywhere not to be found. This kind of things drives me crazy only every so often but when things like this come up? Where I need something SO specific like my good art pens? I try to just feel like it's a "pick your battles" kind of thing and not be upset about it because in the long run it really isn't worth it.

I'm hoping that nobody (like my parents or his parents) gets upset when they get them, like, "Did she REALLY use coloring markers to address these???" I'm hoping that they pass off as a calligraphy marker *maybe* and just looks like I didn't know how to use it. :) *shrug* Wishful thinking - works for me!!! And might I add that I only sort of messed up on TWO of the envelopes on the return address part!!! One was two my one uncle from North Carolina - who I'm certain doesn't know the whole thing about wedding invitations and how they work because he's not even from this country and the other on one of my best friends' invitations because she will probably laugh even harder since she will be able to tell that I used Crayola markers to address them. At least I used my *nice* cursive writing and didn't just print them. They managed to look a little bit fancy. *trust me - they do!* They actually look a little like the font called "Slash" It's like free-flowing kind of script!!!

Whatever. I'm getting to the point where accomplishing ANYthing is a big deal and should be celebrated HARDCORE. Ahhhh... the joys of wedding planning.


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