Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mind if I do you a cute little favor?

No? Then how about if I just put that in a box for you to take "to-go" then!

Let's start with a little lesson in arithmetic. *Pardon me if I'm a little bad at it as I'm actually a Reading and Language Arts teacher!*

Observe as I demonstrate for you:

mini gold takeout boxes from AsianIdeas.com

Hershey's Hugs & Kisses

red chopsticks with crane design from AsianIdeas.com

ivory satin ribbon from AC Moore

*Pardon the "shades" that I'm wearing.
I'm not so cool as to wear them all the time and just filled
in the glasses that I wear to conceal my identity - ooooooh!*

Here is a picture of a whole gaggle of favors that I have already finished. I am currently not even close to being done :-p but this picture makes me feel like I am:

The ideas behind the idea to come out with something like these were as follows:
  1. I HATE giving things that are not useful no matter what the occasion. Stuff shouldn't sit around the house *PERIOD* and if it does? It should be thrown away!
  2. Our theme (if you even have to categorize it) is "things that are Asian." *that kind of makes me laugh to say it like that because it sounds a little like a Family Feud category!
  3. I LOOOOOOOVE Chinese take-out boxes. No matter the size, I just love them and think they are so fun. Also the idea that the favors are something that a person takes with them when they leave....? Nevermind.
  4. My mother insisted that we incorporate chopsticks that people could keep somewhere in the wedding.
  5. Both husband2be and I are from Pennsylvania originally and I actually lived in Hershey for a bit when I was young so using something of the Hershey's family is very appropriate for us.
Each little box contains (12) assorted Hershey's Hugs & Kisses of the "with almond," "standard Hugs," and "limited edition cheesecake Hug" varieties. The estimated cost of each favor is a little over $2. Not bad (I think) considering how nice they look - not too generic, not too homemade/DIY.

I filled all of the boxes last night in a little over an hour's time and now I'm at the stage of tying all of the chopsticks on with ribbons. The amazing thing is that assembling these favors has become one of my three favorite things of wedding planning! (the others being trying on wedding dresses and planning the ceremony music with the church music director). Perhaps it's because it's kind of a "mindless" thing to just kind of sit and tie little knots on sweet little boxes? Maybe it's the delicious aroma of all of the chocolate. Who knows? And surely with regard to the novelty (as they always say) - "...this too shall pass."

Whatever. I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can for all it's worth. ;-D And if you were counting? I'm now 13 days from The Big Day!!! *oh my land!* I can hardly believe it!!!!


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