Tuesday, January 22, 2008

penguin tails and morning coats

For those looking for tuxedo rentals, Men's Wearhouse is offering a great incentive. If you sign up for their Perfect Fit rewards program, you receive $20 off every tux rental! You also get $50 off for every $500 you spend at Men's Wearhouse stores.

This is so helpful, especially for couples that are footing the tux rentals for their groomsmen (like us). The program also keeps track of measurements (for the perpetual groomsman) and gives a $10 birthday gift certificate :o)

The site also offers a group manager that allows you to track all the rentals for your wedding party. You can see who has (or hasn't) gone in to get fitted and the different ensembles (if any) chosen for each individual. It also allows you to send (friendly!) reminder emails to any slackers that are waiting to get fitted till the very last minute. All you need to do is call any Men's Wearhouse store to get a group registration code.

MH receives mixed reviews on the knot and various wedding blogs, but FI has always had a great experience with them! We usually go to the one in Rockville but there are many throughout the metropolitan area.


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