Monday, January 21, 2008

Having my cake

There was a time when we were having a little less than 50 people at our wedding. There was also a time when I was going to bake our cutting cake myself.

Both times are now passed. Why? Because...
  1. We've got much more than 50 people coming to the wedding now
  2. I pretty much stink at baking/cooking anything that isn't from a box
We happen to belong to a church with a ridiculous amount of resourceful types in the congregation and one of our associate pastors happened to marry a lovely lady a few years back who just happens to be a really terrific baker of specialty cakes!!!

Amidst conversations of me relaying the latest drama to some of my friends at church, she was passing by and said, "You're making your own wedding cake??? Let ME do it for you!!! I do it on the side, have all the 'stuff' AND the experience!!!" *Okay, okay... twist my arm why don't you! Fine! You can make my cake already! ;)*

Truly this is exactly what I needed. Who am I trying to kid anyway? How did I think that this was going to be something possible for me to do the day before because it's not like I have nothing else to fuss and worry about, right? I am completely ridiculous and this wedding has made me more so.

Anyway, way back when I was going to make it myself, I went to WendyKromer.com and got two sets of Cherry Blossom kits (24 flowers per set):

Since we're going with an overall Asian theme for decor and things AND we live in the DC area, we thought the cherry blossoms for the cake would be really pretty and appropriate. I was planning on just icing the cake and then sticking them randomly (but decoratively) all over the place.

With us now commissioning this job out to someone professional, huband2be and I scoured the internet for pictures for her to go from and as it so turns out, husband2be is very particular about this part of the wedding. *who knew?* We found this picture and he's hoping that we can have something similar to this:

Now, I'm seriously against fondant and obviously this cake has that going for it. Kelly (our cake maven) said she does a really delicious French vanilla cake with a white icing and strawberry shortcake-like fruit filling. We're figuring that with the ready made blossoms that we have for her, perhaps it will be less labor for decorations. We are paying her *of course* but since this is kind of last minute and she's really helping us out, we'd like to not put her out too much.

So... that's our cake. Or at least close to it. We will *of course* take a picture when we finally see it.


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