Thursday, January 17, 2008

Little details

We're officially 23 days from the wedding. I'm trying not to think about it too much as when I started to it makes me hyperventilate a little bit. And goodness knows that I gotta keep that to a minimum when I'm doing things like breathing for two.

Today I ordered two more items for The Big Day:

My "glass slippers" *haha*

...and the other ring bearer's "pillow."

I'm completely aware of the fact that the above items are far from what I called them but as far as I'm concerned, for us? They are exactly as indicated.

I decided to go with the Converse as originally planned because my eldest brother called me up and asked if he could still do the black Converse for the boys to go along with their tuxes. I'm really glad that he did this because I've wanted to do this all along but I kind of let go of the idea because I felt like it would be more of a nuisance than what it would be worth. The original plan was for the three of us to wear Converse - their's in black and mine in some kind of decorative/fun pattern. It was a real surprise to hear my brother still wanted to do it but, like I said, it's a really awesome thing to be able to keep this. It was one of my original ideas and one of my favorites as Converse are sort of a "thing" in my family and with my brothers and me. So, I'll be wearing the Converse as pictured above. I found them on ebay and I ordered them this afternoon. I considered the elephant printed ones because I love elephants so much but I'm getting my fill of those by doing the nursery with them. I think the "black sheep" print is plenty fitting though as I'm going to be "the pregnant bride" who is wearing anything but the traditional swanky shoe. :)

And then there's our other ring bearer. The older one is carrying the ring bearer pillow that is being passed around the family and was originally made from husband2be's grandmother who is no longer with us. But that left the other ringbearer without something to carry! We considered getting a nice bible - that would be our "family" bible in time - but then thought of getting little stuffed animals to represent the likenesses of our pets. Also, with the one ringbearer and the other flowergirl being pretty young (4 years old and 1.5 years old) we figured it might be easier for them to walk down the aisle carrying something a little more fun and cuddly.

The flowergirl is carrying a plush black kitty that I got months ago right around Halloween time but we had a hard time finding a German Shepherd plush that looked like our dog. I found the one pictured above on StuffedArk.com. (We got the Large-16" size so that each plush animal would be as close in relative size as possible.) They have a great inventory of assorted varieties of just about any animal you could think of so even if you aren't doing what we're doing and wanted to just find a gift for the littlest members of your wedding, I'm sure you could find some really cute things on the site.

This weekend is my final dress fitting and I'm also going to be attempting to locate a decent flowergirl basket. So far I've seen many but liked hardly any of them. I might just break down and buy whatever because it's coming down to the line too much for me to be picky! Who knows how it will end up going down though. For however it's happening, things are seeming to really fall into place beautifully and some of the stuff that I've really felt like are the most important and I've been sorry to have to let go of are working out! Perhaps I will find a flowergirl basket that I like afterall. We shall see.


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