Friday, January 18, 2008

Two high notes, and one (sort of) low one

HIGH note
I'm in the process of drawing up the song list that we will have for the wedding and as I listen to some of my favorite songs, I'm all kinds of nostalgic about why I'm getting married to husband2be. We're 22 days away!!!!

Both are going on our list but both would also be suitable for a photo montage if you're doing one and in need of some good songs

Michael Buble - "Everything"

I might be a little behind the times on this one but I only heard this song about two weeks ago one time on 97.1 I love how fun it is and how meaningful the lyrics are. I could totally see it playing in the background of some fun pictures.

And then there's one of my all-time favorites:
Michelle Featherstone - "We Are Man and Wife"

I don't watch Grey's Anatomy but I think it was featured on there. I think it's an amazingly beautiful song and though I couldn't find the actual video for it (I don't know if there even is one), it's shown here with clips from the show "One Tree Hill." It's a total teeny-bopper show but I actually watched it at one time and even watching it with the song a few minutes ago had me a little misty-eyed. I thought it was sweetly done.

low Note
*HEAVY sigh*

I just got a phone call from a family member of mine who is NOT on the guest list but who was seemingly RSVP-ing. I know - what the?????? This person didn't even get an invitation and found out about it through another family member (one of the few on my dad's side for very specific reasons not having to do with drama or issues) about the wedding and the new plans. She's a cousin of mine and I like her but wouldn't call us close. However, she seems to feel like she's invited *somehow? I don't know how?* and is coming ALL THE WAY FROM NORTH CAROLINA to the wedding.


I have no idea what to do. I think that we can accommodate her live-in boyfriend and her but I just can't get over how she is doing this. I would NEVER do this and I have never heard of this happening to anyone!!! The good news at least is that one of my other cousins (who was actually invited) will not be able to make it because he's in med school and it's right in the midst of finals week. Soooooo... it end up working out okay even though, technically, she was definitely not invited.

*throws hands up*

This wedding is crazy. It's NUTS. Excuse me while I go and watch those youtube video's and try and calm my nerves.

I think I might also eat a couple of pieces of dark chocolate as well.


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