Sunday, January 20, 2008

Our quaint little beginning

I was going to entitle this along the lines of a "happy ending" but isn't a marriage a beginning more than an ending? ;)

I just got off the phone and done with our mini-moon (aka honeymoon) reservations. Because I'll be nearly six months pregnant when we get married in about three week (CRAZY!) and I've had health problems that have required me to take so much time off already and we can't be traveling anyplace where our doctors won't be, we're staying local and doing a mini-moon of sorts.

It's not the ideal for a honeymoon but we are the kind of folks who makes the best of whatever life deals us and no matter what people might think of our plans, we are SUPER CRAZY INCREDIBLY excited about them!

We have decided to stay at the The Charles Inn of Annapolis for the wedding night and one additional night following it. We spent the last hour or so looking at possibilities ranging from hotel suites in downtown DC to quaint little B&B's in surrounding areas.

I have been trying to upload some pictures from the website of what totally made us both fall in love with The Charles Inn but for whatever reason, blogger just isn't cooperating. Click HERE to see the room called "Holly" where we will be staying. It's just what we were imagining and thought we couldn't find. The bed is one of those high postered kind and then has a corner jacuzzi tub-for-two. Who knows how much of the amenities we will actually use since I will be on the very pregnant-side, but... it's a beautiful place for us to start our new life together. :)

In time, and once the baby is born, we will take a much longer honeymoon to a much more exotic location than downtown Annapolis (or as the locals call it, "DTA") but for our own needs right now with my "high-risk" pregnancy and new puppy at home that can't be left alone or boarded so easily, a quaint little place on a quiet Annapolis street with a "tub-for-two" is just perfect for us.


Here's to a new and BEAUTIFUL beginning for our newlywedded year together. *sigh* This has made life so much sweeter again. ;)

Addendum: Blogger is working now!!! Here are some picture of our room as shown via the link above!


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