Friday, January 04, 2008

Roses are "blush," roses are "bashful"

Tonight I am completing the order for my flowers!!! I cannot believe that this is actually happening because this is a major accomplishment in my book.

In the words of infamous Steel Magnolias, my colors are Blush and Bashful - or Pink and Pink. In my case though, the one shade of pink IS very much deeper than the other as pictured below (with quantities indicated for what we got):

We are ordering from ProFlowersWeddings.com and ordinarily I wouldn't even think of ordering my flowers online (unseen) for the wedding but I am an extremely loyal customer of Pro Flowers and I can't imagine that they weddings division would fall short of the expectations that they have for their regular flower service.

I am getting the Royal Roses in Light Pink and Dark Pink in the "Forever Yours" collection that includes the following (as I have opted):

Any combination of the following totaling 6
1 Maid of Honor / Bridesmaid's Bouquet
5 Centerpieces

Any combination of the following totaling 2
2 Flower Girl Aisle Petal Bouquet
(10 full size roses)

Any combination of the following totaling 10
5 Boutonnieres
5 Pin-on Corsages

The total cost with shipping via Fed-Ex will be $545 including a $200 deposit that will be applied to the total cost due within the next two weeks. I haven't done enough pricing of flowers to know if this is a good deal or not but it seems pretty reasonable to me and I'm more than happy with it. I would have liked to be able to substitute some things that I don't need for others that I do - like taking away the centerpieces and doing more boutonnieres and corsages but I think it's going to work out just fine with what I have.

You might notice though that there is no bridal bouquet in the package - this is because I'm using the standard maid of honor/bridesmaid bouquet instead of the bridal because it's smaller and from my experience as a wedding photographer, bridal bouquets can be heavy and cumbersome. Also, the fact that I'm not having any other attendants will not make it so obvious that I have 18 roses in my bouquet vs. the standard 25 that they do for bridal bouquets. To me the money that was saved in doing this was well worth it! Also, the groom's boutonniere will be dark pink instead of the light pink to set him apart from the two ring bearers.

I'll be paying for the package after work when I get home!!! So exciting!!! And, if you can believe it, the invitations are actually coming together too!!!


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