Friday, June 13, 2008

Sleek Slideshows

Presenting a slideshow of favorite pics is a pretty popular and common thing at many weddings. We didn't do it at ours cause the whole "multi-media extravaganza/keep your guests entertained" thing isn't really my style. We just wanted to have a nice dinner and some dancing, but having sat through a number of slideshows I think it's important to keep them short and of course keep them interesting.

I was browsing the films over at Mason Jar Films and I saw that, in addition to their creative wedding videos, they also make slideshows for weddings.

Yes, of course, you can do a slideshow yourself, and I really have no idea how much it would cost for someone to do it for you, but if you had the money to spare I just love the below slideshow that Mason Jar Films put together for Morgan and Eric. It's a 3-d slideshow made with 2 dimensional images. Have no idea what that would look like? Check it out --

Cute no? If I was a guest I'd be totally entertained.



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