Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I just had my first meeting with a florist and it was fabulous. I met with Shawn and David Cossette of Beehive Events from outside Charlottesville. Luckily, they were in town for another meeting and were able to meet with me at Barnes & Noble in Georgetown. They were a very lovely couple (originally from San Fran) and I really enjoyed meeting with them and brainstorming about possible flower (and non-flower combinations). I LOVE that they're thinking less traditional - we like flowers, but we also discussed mangoes and papayas (very Filipino), figs and grape leaves and rosemary (very Mediterranean). We discussed China berries, Dahlias, and lots of other fun elements. I was so nervous before the meeting just because I knew I had a lot of ideas bouncing around in my head and definitely needed to be reigned in. Plus I wanted her to like me! Signor Keswick asked, "Why are you so flustered?" I wasn't flustered! I was just excited and wanted to make a good impression. Here are some of the beauties we discussed:

Bursa Black Fig
Photo Credit
The China Berry
Photo Credit

Fuschia Dahlias
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Here's a great website I found when searching for flower images: Lani Elizabeth Fine Design in Flowers and Events

So, I lurve Beehive Events, but will I love the budget they propose? We shall see. How did you prioritize what you were going to do to decorate your venue? Are you doing anything different or personal?



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