Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Meet the Bridal Party!

So last night I finally completed my asking of bridesmaids. Mr. GP has a general idea who he wants in his party but I'm uncertain of whether he's clarified who's doing what.

In my party we have S - my older sister, who's playing Maid of Honor. Unfortunately, her and I haven't spoken in a couple months since we had a tift after her visiting, but taking away the title would cause more trouble than it's worth so while I'm still including her, I have no expectations as to her level of involvement. My mother suggested demoting her to a regular bridesmaid but m'eh, again, I don't want drama and my sister holds a mean grudge. Just like me.

Next, we have L - Mr. GP's younger sister who's a nice girl, she's a freshman in college outside of Boston this year. I don't know her too well but we have plenty in common including a great sense of style - she's about as obsessed with JCrew and Vineyard Vines as I am.

Then we have SL, TLB, and E three of my best gal pals from college. E I asked last night, we had a big fight this past spring and thus when I asked my bridesmaids we weren't speaking. Since we started speaking again, things have been ten fold better so I decided to ask my last girl right. I'll get to that in a few minutes. TLB and S and I have been friends since sophomore year in college. Those two girls are included in some of my greatest memories of college. Finally, I have N my 11 year old cousin who's my junior bridesmaid. Her and I are about 4 days and 14 years apart but she's got a spunky personality and I've adored her since day one. Not to mention she's probably the only cousin I actually speak to out of all 30 of them.

So big sister I asked over the phone, I asked L over dinner one weekend when we were up in CT, and then I asked S over the phone (I really can't keep a secret) but TLB I totally surprised by asking her in Boston at the end of June over drinks. She was absolutely surprised, which was awesome. Last night, I asked L over drinks, I bought her a copy of the "Bridesmaids Guide" and gave her a sweet card asking her to be a bridesmaid. I thought it was mildly creative, more so creative than being "wanna be a bridesmaid?" over the phone? I kind of dropped the ball on my other gals so I wanted to make up for it.

I'm pretty excited about including E in my bridal party especially since all my other gals are so far away and with an MIA Maid of Honor I need all the support I can get and since she lives down the road and I talk to her a rather...daily basis it works out. My mother and FMIL were a bit concerned that I was letting the bridal party get too big but I don't think it is, I have all the gals I want standing up there next to me. I could have been more creative asking them all, but with tricks up my sleeve, I sense I'll make it up to them.

How'd you ask your bridesmaids? How many are you having??

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a lot of fights that you've gotten into. You seem rather bride-zilla-esque. Good luck.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 4:29:00 PM  

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