Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Big Ole "Howdy" from Miss Glen Echo

Hi! Hello! Hola! What's Up! Aloha! and a big ole Howdy ya'll!

I am Miss Glen Echo. I am totally excited to be able to share all of my wedding planning ups and downs with people who actually are volunteering to listen (or rather read in this case). So, hmm...how do I begin to share...I guess I will start off with the 5 basics: who, what, when, where and why. So, here is the "who."

Who: Me and Mr. Glen Echo. This is a pic of us...so cute!

source personal photo

I am a full-time litgation specialist at an insurance company, a part-time (but feels like full-time) evening law student and an all-the-time soon-to-be bride totally obsessed with planning her wedding. Mr. Glen Echo is a phD candidate at George Washington University and, what I like to call, an academic "hustler." He contracts with the government to do research, he adjucts, he teaches the bass, and he is finalizing his dissertation. We are very busy people. No wonder we met on the internet!

Our story is not the typical internet dating romp. I actually was cruising for dates on MySpace *gasp* and saw his picture. I immediately thought, "well, hey now..." and sent him a note. We talked on line for several months (I think it was something like 6 months almost) about all kinds of random things....24, hockey, friends, Kings Dominion (I actually bought a candy apple back from Kings Dominion in the hopes that I would meet him and could surprise him with it)...but after all of that, we never actually met in person.

After 6 months of talking through MySpace email and me slipping hints that I wanted to meet in every note, he finally agreed to meet me. My go-to spot for blind dates was Cornerstone (a bar I used to work at in College) mainly because it was cheap, there is a ton of booze and food and if my date did not work out...I could potentially meet someone else there (which actually happened to me once). But after five minutes, I knew there would be no need to meet anyone else. He was impressed with my charm and good looks, I was impressed that he still liked me after several Ketel One and tonics...what was clear is that this was not just any internet blind date. After that, as they say, "it's all she wrote."

There are many reasons why I love Mr. Glen Echo, but if I had to pinpoint one thing, it would be the fact that he loves me like no one else has. He puts every piece of himself into "us" and loves me with no reservations. He makes me feel beautiful when I feel like I belong at the Brookhaven Institute. He always tries to make me laugh when I feel like I want to laser beam people and destroy the earth a la Cyclopes in X-Men. I totally love his shiny head and everything that is inside of it.

As for me...well you will get to know me, we have so much time together.

So, Mr. and Miss Glen Echo, that is the "who" we are...a soon to be bride and groom!



Blogger Shannon said...

Welcome! Cute story. One of my good friends actually met her now husband on myspace as well. I met my fiance on match.com. Thank God for the internet!

Thursday, June 18, 2009 8:42:00 AM  

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