Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ack crazy family!

So my mom just let me know that one of my aunts has started inviting other people to our wedding. Ok just one person. And actually I'm happy to have him, but still.

She's inviting people to the wedding!! gaaahhh.

I should start by telling you she actually began with inviting herself to the wedding. Initially we weren't even sure we could invite any of my mom's siblings due to budget/space concerns, but they were in town visiting sometime last spring, not too long after the engagement, and as soon as she saw me, she said how thrilled and excited they were to come to the wedding, and they would definitely be there. I had hoped to bring it up gently by saying we were considering a very small wedding and may not be able to invite the extended family. But she just led right off with that statement and I do love her to death, how could I then say Sorry you're not invited actually! At the time I sort of made non-commital noises, and after a while we determined that we could in fact afford to invite them..

Today (umm 9 weeks before the wedding??), she just sort of nonchallantly mentioned to my mother that my great uncle was returning to the country (after decades of missionary work in Brazil - literally decades, he's close to 100 years old), and coming straight to their place in Florida, so they decided they would just bring him along to the wedding because wouldn't that be nice?

Of course it's nice. I'm really actually happy to see him and we would have made room for him anyway, had we been told he was coming back to the states and could probably make it. But am I alone in being incredulous that she would just tell us she's bringing him along?? Without even one of those "yikes I'm sorry to have presumed but he's coming back to the states around that time and supposed to be staying with us, I hope it's ok if we bring him along?"

Deep breath. I'm not really that upset about it, because as I said I do want him there. I just... had to share this with you all. I'm a little worried about who else she may have extended an invitation to, and just hasn't gotten around to letting us know to expect them.

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Blogger Sara said...

Miss Fairfax, you are not alone! I can't stress that enough!!

There are going to be a lot of last-minute surprises and taking a deep breath, rolling with the punches, and not getting too caught up in any of those details is the best thing you can do for yourself!

Your aunt definitely could have exercised a bit more etiquette, but I think family (or maybe it's just my family) has a way of inconveniencing us and well, sometimes we just have to deal.

You're day is going to be great regardless!!

It could have been much worse (someone dropping out), so think to yourself, the more the merrier! It's going to be just the two of you from here on out, so welcome your (aunt and) uncle with open arms.

Thanks for sharing!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 7:04:00 PM  

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