Monday, April 12, 2010

we attended our tasting last week and oh man! was it delicious! i can't stop thinking about our menu. i also can't stop thinking about the question our onsite planner asked. "let's talk timeline for the day and what formalities you will be including". first dance, toasts, receiving line, cake cutting, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, anniversary dance, bouquet toss, garter toss, the send-off. when you list them all out, i'm afraid that there won't be a party left. i really want our guests to have a relaxing and fun evening and just eat, drink, and dance if they want to. once our guests are dancing, i don't want to have to wind them down again for toasts and then get them back up on the dance floor. why not let them have the rest of the evening to dance the night away?

i don't have a resolution.

i think a receiving line would be very nice and my mother would greatly appreciate it. but how do we fit it in with pictures and cocktails?

so here's what i'm thinking:
5:30pm ceremony
6:00pm cocktails/pictures
7:00pm head in to the main house for dinner
7:15pm introductions
7:20pm first dance
7:25pm prayer and dinner service
8:15pm cake cutting
8:20pm toasts
8:35pm father-daughter dance
8:40-11:00pm dance party

how does that sound? i still need to figure out the bouquet toss (if we have one) and the mother-son dance (if mr. uva's mom would like to have one).

details, details!

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