Saturday, July 14, 2007

Involvement Update

As I mentioned, I had been thinking of creative ways to get everyone involved, and I've taken a few steps. I've asked my aunt who is a seamstress to "help me" create my veil read have her make my veil. When I go home in a couple of weeks for my Canadian shower I will be armed with tulle and embellishments, combs and whatever other hoopla I'm forgetting at the moment and we'll sit down and have a really touching few hours together.

I'm actually getting really sentimental thinking about it.

I've decided to hold a ceremony and program making get together so that all parties can get together and feel like they contributed in a little way to the preparations (since I kept the whole invitations project in my own two hands.....oh pictures coming by the way, I've been a tad negligent about that.....)

I'm still finding ways with little over a month (omigosh!) left before the wedding, especially as the "to do lists today" get longer and more detailed. *sigh*


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