Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Get that moolah

Lately, more and more couples are breaking away from tradition and footing the bill for the wedding festivities. This certainly has to do with the higher average age of newlyweds--couples are generally also on a more equal financial level. (I am making sweeping generalities, but this is just what I've noticed.) FI and I are contributing a major chunk of the budget, with the parents & in-laws helping generously. Now, everyone knows that throwing a wedding in the D.C. area (or any other major city) is no small change and regardless of your financial position, extra $$ is always appreciated. So I've taken measures to sock away any bonuses, raises & extra cash for the wedding account. I've also looked to my closet to generate more money. Yes, that's right! Instead of spending ridiculous amounts of money on my wardrobe like I usually do, I'm making money from it! I'd like to introduce my new friend to you...

I'd ebay-stalked in the past and even bought a few things (like FI's beloved Nintendo Wii), but I hadn't sold anything. I took the plunge and unloaded a brand new Anthropologie dress & a new designer handbag that had been just sitting in my closet for months. Now, I KNOW that every girl has clothes/bags/accessories/whatever that have just been sitting unused, probably with the tags still on. ebay is a great way to clean out your closet (helpful before moving) and make some extra cash. I made a little over $500 and it's been so long since I bought the items, I just count it all as profit :) Just a thought!

Some tips:

-Take decent pictures that show the detail that you would personally look for as a buyer.
-Before posting, take a look at similar or identical items that are up for auction. This will help you set a competitive starting price and "marketing" lingo.
-ebay and Paypal will take nominal fees from your sale. You need to upgrade your Paypal to Premier (free) in order to accept credit card payments.


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