Monday, October 15, 2007

Cake eaters - Part One

Originally we weren't going to get a wedding cake and we wanted to do a dessert bar instead. The only kind of cake that husband2Be actually like is Angelfood cake and if you know anything about wedding cakes, you can't make them out of Angefood. *shrug* We also don't like fondant and we don't like the $4.50/person price tag of wedding cakes.

So we started researching dessert bars. We wanted to do baby cream puffs, mini key lime pies, fairy lemon pies (kind of like lemon meringue), eclairs, and strawberry shortcakes, and a chocolate fountain. As it turned out though, a dessert bar is much more than even a wedding cake. Who knew?

After extensive round-a-bout discussions, we returned to the idea of doing a wedding cake for the sake of tradition. To cut the costs we came up with the idea of doing a small cutting cake and then a sheet cake for the guests. I contacted a baker near the school where we teach and found out we could get both for just over $250 - serving 150 people. Not bad, eh? It would have to be unadorned though as the decorations would cost us more. The bakery is called The Cakery and it's located in Bowie.

Well, yesterday my parents came up to pitch in and help us with stuff of late (moving, wedding things, etc.) My dad and husband2Be stayed at the apartment to do the "guy stuff" and my mother and I skipped off to Eden Center at Seven Corners in Falls Church, VA. Our goal was to get catering information (it's still not taken care of!) but we ended up figuring out what to do for a wedding cake!

Do you trust Asian bakeries??? WE do. And we found a great one to buy from (one of actually four locations in the NoVA area) that will serve all our 150 guests and be somewhere around $450 (just vanilla) - including any decorations & we can even bring in our own picture! Yay!

[To be continued...]


Blogger Mrs. NearlyWed said...

I absolutely LOVE The Cakery's hazelnut cake. YUMMO

Wednesday, October 17, 2007 2:42:00 PM  

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