Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Caterers ...

Tonight I get to go to my first tasting!! I am uber excited! Fiance and I have spent countless hours searching for the perfect caterer for US. I enunciated the for US, because we have some specific requests. As I informed you guys earlier, we want to have Tapas instead of traditional hors d'oeuveres, however then for a first course we decided we wanted to incorporate some of the other side of the families New England heritage, so perhaps a nice lobster bisque or a lobster roll, then a main meal that had traditional yet Cuban undertones..trying to achieve all of this might sound easy, but let me tell you it has been a struggle.

I will tell you about the three caterers we have talked to in another post, today though i want to focus on

I am going for the tasting tonight so I will definitely do another post tomorrow, but so far they have been wonderful to work with. They were doing a reception at the Galleria ( where my reception is going to be) two weeks ago, they let me come and look at it as they were preparing. It was amazing to see the space transformed like that!

The people at Basikneads really listen to you, they are the first caterers who didn't try and incorporate Mexican into our proposal--I know its part of the Latin family but there is a HUGE difference between Spanish/Cuban food and Mexican food, although I do love Mexican food it was not what we were looking for. I found that to be a bad sign when other caters seemed to ignore what i had carefully told them and go with a proposal of there own. Basikneads was also the first caterer who knew what ropa vieja was, and even suggest it on his own!

There is a great article about Basikneads in Modern Bride . I will defiantly have more to say tonight once I have been to the tasting, but so far they have been amazing to work with, and I could definitely see them as being our caterer!


Blogger Andrea said...

Lobster bisque is one of my favorite soups ever (other than Pho). The tapas are such a great idea too. We had our engagement dinner at this great tapas place in downtown Annapolis called Kuma. I've been to at least five different places for tapas and handsdown Kuma was the best. They had elegant and artful arrangements of food AND they tasted as exquisite as they looked too.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007 7:48:00 PM  

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