Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Unique Favors...

With it getting darker out earlier, I must admit I am starting to fade away from my work earlier and earlier...today it was around 5:00 that I found myself thinking of wedding favors. I really want something unique, yet useful. I have been playing with the ideas of Spanish Fans ( to stick with our theme) but the ones I really like are to expensive, and the "generic" fans, at least for me, are not what I would like.

I do have to share with my fellow brides the following website
Give Favors . These are honestly Unique, classy but Affordable favors. I haven't even finished looking at the whole site, but I have posted a couple of my favorites!

^ With all the awareness now of "going green" I think this is a cute and environmentally friendly idea, and I know not original but I love the idea of "Love Grows". I know I still have my plant from my College Graduation ( a gift from my mother) and I think knowing that our guests would have that growing in there houses is sweet, also the envelope can be personalized ( to use as escort cards or even write a thank you)!

^ I'm not having a winter wedding, but I think this bride and groom snowman are so cute!

^ On the opposite end of the spectrum I think these would be so cute for a Summer wedding!

If anything the website is fun to browse, and gives some great ideas!


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