Thursday, October 16, 2008

Color Injection: Shoes & Hair

As I mentioned last week, while I wanted to err on the side of traditional, with our colors being red, black, and white, I wanted to have a little fun; I wanted to inject a little color into the days festivities.

One of the best ways to do that (that I've seen) is putting it into your own outfit, as the bride.  I was a bit stumped for awhile, though.  I definitely wanted a white dress.  While I do find some of the dresses with color very pretty, it just wasn't for me. 

Then I thought I should approach it like I do my daily wardrobe.  Simple base piece, in this case the classic white wedding dress, and then accessorize!

Last week you all saw my short lived foray into the idea of red SNEAKERS of all things for the wedding.  Thankfully I outgrew that idea pretty quickly as the idea formed in my mind that I wanted to have more of a romantic look... no matter how comfortable sneakers may be!

Then I spied these little beauties:

If you're a girl, you're familiar with Zappos.com.  If not, get ye to Zappos.com.  You can shop by color, style, size, heel height, etc.  It's a godsend for any shoe-shopping emergency.

Anyway, I saw these gorgeous little peeptoes and I fell madly in love.  

Then I started thinking about my hair.  I knew right off the bat that I didn't want a veil.  I think they're gorgeous on the right person, but they're just not for me.  I had resigned myself to a simple down-do. Wavy, straight...? Who knew?  Simplicity was going to be the route for me.

I had thrown out the idea of putting anything on my hair as an adornment until a friend inspired me with her own wedding... crafted floral pieces, such as the one below:

Made by Mikiye Creations on Etsy.com.  It adds an element of romance and you can either splash some color into your hair, or you can go traditional with white floral hair pieces.  They are all over Etsy, and definitely worth checking out.

Now I'm back to the age old question: Updo or downdo?  Not something I wish to figure out right now.  

When I decided I wanted all of this color, I realized something... the dress I had chosen, while stunning and amazing just wasn't for me.  It was just... too much.  Too much beading and embellishment.  The new one is perfect.

What can I say?  A girl is allowed to be fickle. Until next time!

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