Thursday, October 16, 2008

Miss Capitol Hill Wedding Recap - Cutting the Cake

In continuation of my wedding recap I'm going to move on to the cake cutting. We did things a little differently then most brides.

A full sized wedding cake was included in the food package we chose and our reception site has an excellent pastry chef, but unfortunately she was going to be on maternity leave during our wedding. So our site opened up the possibility for us to use an outside baker.

Instead of getting a full sized cake, we suspected (and were correct) that our guests would rather have a real dessert. So we got a house dessert for the guests and used an outside baker to make a small cake just for cutting. 

Upon many recommendations we went with Teri Edwards of Cakes Unlimited. Like most things with the wedding I wanted something very simple and here are the adorable results-

All photos the the work of Linda Wallace

^The cake stand was from TJMaxx and we got the ribbon from a craft store

The other thing we did a little differently was the timing of the cake cutting. It seems like most brides nowadays put the cake on the dance floor and have the cake cutting sometime in the middle of the dancing. I specifically did not want this. I find that most people don't really pay attention to the cake cutting when its done this way.  I wanted to have the cake cutting right after dinner...before dancing and when everyone's dessert would be served.

I can't tell you how DIFFICULT this ended up being. Not for us but for the staff.  I had to say a million times I didn't want the cake on the dance floor and didn't want to cut it during dancing. And yet every time I got a diagram of the proposed layout for the wedding that darn cake table was somewhere on the dance floor. It was like no one could think outside of the box. I didn't think I was asking too much.  I was really worried that when I walked in the cake would be on the dance floor, but thankfully in the end it all came together. 
^I used the same knife my parents used to cut their wedding cake
^We put it on one plate
^And fed each other at the same time instead of one-by-one
^Mmm cake

So how did it taste?  Welllll that's a funny story.  I honestly don't remember the first taste. After that taste we had our reception site put the cake in the freezer and we were going to box it up and take it home with us.  Well the reception site never got the boxes to us before we left and we were so hurried when we left that we forgot to ask.

I was super bummed about this. I had visions of eating wedding cake all week long. It was something I kind of irrationally locked onto and I became a little annoyed at our site for not remembering to give it to us.  So after a week of sulking we ended up having them FEDEX it to us overnight in D.C.  Hehe

When we got it the cake was really bad looking. It definitely had a rough ride from C-ville. And I know the idea of eating a defrosted week old fed-exed cake might disgust most of you but you know what....it was REALLY good.

It was still incredibly moist and the icing was just the right level of sweet. The cake stayed moist in the fridge for another week as we ate off of it. 

So I figure if a cake that's been through all that can still taste awesome then imagine how good it would be under normal circumstances.  All the credit to that goes to Cakes Unlimited!

Vendors So Far:
Video- Monachetti
Photography - Linda Wallace
Hair/Makeup- Daphne Latham
Dress Designer - Vwidon
Shoes - Vera Wang new from Ebay
Bracelet- Carolee
Purse - Belk
Hair Flower - Ella's Alley
Ties - Wild Ties
Socks - The Gap
Bridesmaid Dresses - Maggy London from Nordstrom
Flower Girl Dress- Rare Editions from Dillards
Sportscar - Sports Car Rental
Reception/Accommodations - The Clifton Inn
Getaway Streamerthrows - Aerotechnic
Paper - Andbear

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Blogger Jenna said...

We did the double feed with NO cake smashing involved. Our dessert was a cake buffet, so we had to cut hte cake right after dinner so our guests didn't start sneaking pieces of our delicious looking cakes on their own!

Thursday, October 16, 2008 5:41:00 PM  
Blogger mrs shortcake said...

I feel your pain! Except for the pieces of mostly-fondant covered cake, neither Mr. Shortcake nor I had any of our wedding cake! We were too busy dancing! :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 10:58:00 AM  

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