Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dressing the Boys

Fiancé and I knew early on that we wanted a "preppy-ish" type wedding. It wasn't going to be black tie optional, but it was going to have just enough class to make it us. We're not fully "preppy" but we try. We decided early on that it would be cocktail attire - which I think is easy considering our ceremony is mid afternoon and our reception starts around 5ish. There's a short 2 hour gap (more than we had wanted) between the two but that's enough time to get everyone across town from the church and get pictures taken.

So we knew early on that the groomsmen would be sporting Vineyard Vine Bowties. A friend of ours told us how fab they were, and when we told him he and his wife were invited, he was stoked because it gave him another reason to pick up another vineyard vines bowtie.

I was pretty stoked last night when I saw this gem while doing some online shopping last night in preparation for our excursion this weekend to the Woodbury Commons Outlets (home of the ONLY Vineyard Vines outlet store in the nation I believe)

Nice!!! This means we need six ties - five groomsmen and a ringbearer (though his is probably not on sale) and Fiancé - so we'll get two of them for free! Bowties, as we've decided they'll wear, are cheaper than regular ties at a nice $45 which is not too shabby for Vineyard Vines!

The ones we're trying to decide between?

whales, in our colors.

bloody mary - also in our colors.

Fiancé saw this one last night but it looks like they only have it in the regular neck tie not the bow tie...it would be very suiting if we could find it in a bowtie though.

Elephants necktie. $75.
We're going to wait to see: 1. if this sale is applicable at the outlet, 2. if not are the bowties cheaper at the outlet? 3. if yes - what styles do they have there?

Unfortunately, the tricky part about this is that we don't know what color suits we want the boys to wear - likely either navy or grey. But my FMIL and Mother are all "well won't navy clash with the dresses? You should bring a suit with you when you pick out dresses" and yadda yadda yadda. I personally am rooting for the navy suits - I mean name a dude that doesn't have a navy suit and how flipping hard is it to really see a discrepancy if the navy's don't match? Not to mention most navy suits look black so will those clash with blue dresses? I don't think they will, of course I could be wrong. But I think grey would be worse and while tan would look the best really? I don't want my boys to have to buy a tan suit that they'll never wear again. Plus it's a nighttime wedding - well afternoon/evening. I don't foresee tan doing well at an evening reception.

Thoughts? Suggestions? How are you taking advantage of super awesome sales for your bridal party??

[all images from vineyardvines.com]

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Blogger Authentically U said...

While I have enjoyed this post, the color issue is way out of my league, hahahaha. I am horrible when it comes to colors and fashion and my friends often rant that they are going to raid my closet and "fix me". Anyway, I really love the animals and 9objects in the ties and I agree that the elephants are my favorite. Hope it comes in a bow tie for you. As of yet, I havent seen any super awesome sales for my bridal party so I'll have to come back to comment on that particular question. But it may be that i am a little scared about a wedding that I was in a few years back. The bride found our bridesmaid dresses on sale at a local Dillards and mine was so tight and awkward. i was uncomfortable the entire time and it really shot my confidence to $&^$ish. I tried to burn the dress afterwards for I couldn't return it because, you guessed it, no returns on sale items. So I'm a little scorned. If I can find a great sale with quality that'll be good but if it is going to sacrifice comfort, I might have to skip the sale. BUT I really hope I find something super fabulous like you. A "buy 2, get one free sale' IS THE BOMB!

Thursday, January 15, 2009 11:21:00 AM  
Blogger Sharpiegirl said...

Stick to the navy suits! It's something that they will be able to use for years to come. Besides it's a classic and goes with everything. Have you ever seen a guy in a navy suit at a function and thought "ewww bad choice".
I'm trying to go with navy suits and no ties at my May 2nd wedding but everyone is trying to talk me into letting the guys wear Tommy Bahama shirts and dress slacks. I'm trying to be open minded but.....

Thursday, January 15, 2009 11:49:00 AM  
Blogger Only One Heidi said...

@authentically U Bride - yeah i'm letting my girls pick their own styles in whatever designer I decide. Trying to keep the dresses affordable but i definitely want them to be happy with the dresses.

@sharpiegirl - thats what i think - my mother and FMIL were uncertain that navy wouldn't clash with navy dresses but i think it'll be fine.

Thursday, January 15, 2009 1:22:00 PM  
Blogger Mara (Coffee with Mara) said...

love the ties!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 8:10:00 AM  

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